Games which will urge you to travel

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Travelling is fun, especially when you have heard or read good things about it. One of the best sources to read such things is playing games. There are certain games which are going to make you think about going on a travel. Here is a list of some of the games. When you play these games, you are definitely going to have an urge to travel the world.

Where in the World by Talicor

Where in the World by Talicor game is a world geography game which is considered to be the most comprehensive ones? This game is great if you are looking to test or increase your knowledge regarding geography. This game was introduced around two decades early but it is updated regularly so that the players get the latest information about different countries, places, and seas. There are questions about the capital of cities to the national languages and the major imports and exports of that country. There is six levels of playing in this game. These are meant for people of different ages. In short, you are getting to play six different travel games in a single game.

Canadian Trivia Family Edition

Canadian Trivia Family Edition is a game which lets you know better about Canada. This game takes the players all around the country with questions regarding the provinces and territories. To make the game more interesting, there are questions on both the sides of the card. One of the questions is easy and the other one is difficult. These are mainly to provide excitement to the players of different age groups.

Ticket to Ride Europe

The Ticket to Ride Europe is a game which combines history with travel. This game is a train adventure of cross country which involves collecting the car and playing them. The main objective is to get the pieces onto the board and to score the maximum points when transversing Europe’s board game. This game is surely going to make you fall in love with Europe and will definitely aid a desire within you to travel to Europe.

Passport to culture

This passport to culture is a game which focuses more on educational travel. It is mainly played between two to a maximum of six players and these games require you to have knowledge about the local customs and cultures from different places all around the world. There will be questions related to various topics which include, food, drinks and the culture all around the world while traveling all around the globe collecting passport stamps as you play along. The main objective of this game is to complete your passport. The player who completes their passport the earliest wins the game. There are over six hundred questions which are going to test your intelligence on culture.

Road Trip Word Game

This game is played between two to four players who ask each other some questions and solves the challenges which are related to travel such as road trips of cross country. This game is suitable for both kids and adults. This game is interesting enough to make you feel like going on a road trip.


Play these games and we are almost sure that you are certainly going to make plans to travel to different places and explore them.

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